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Get a bond and get out of jail faster

Stop sitting around in a jail cell waiting – get a bond and go home.


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Do you need a bail bond?

When you are arrested, two things can happen. The first is that you are released under your own recognizance and are able to go on with your normal life with the expectation that you will appear in court at a later date if necessary. 
The second is that you are brought to jail and given a bail amount. This is money that must be paid in order to have you released to await your court date. This amount can be quite small for minor infractions or thousands of dollars more serious offenses. 
If your loved one has been arrested and is in jail but cannot pay the bail amount, a bail bond to be the solution to this difficult situation.

How does a bail bond help you?

If you cannot afford to pay the bail to get out of jail, you can trust us to help you. Let us handle situations the jail, processing the paperwork and putting up the bail amount so you can get out of jail as quickly as possible. 
In exchange for services you pay the bond. This is equal to 10% of the total bail amount and acts as the premium paid for our services. Depend on us to not only help you get out of jail, but also make arrangements that allow you to pay in a way that fits your budget.

Give us a call when you need us and let us explain the entire process to you.


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